Specialty regular sized cupcakes $24/dozen
Specialty mini sized cupcakes $12/dozen
Specialty jumbo sized cupcakes $3.50/each, $20/half-dozen

Simple regular sized cupcakes $18/dozen
Simple mini sized cupcakes $10/dozen
Simple jumbo sized cupcakes $2.50/each, $16/half-dozen

Minimum order:
2 dozen mini sized cupcakes of the same flavor
1 dozen regular sized cupcakes of the same flavor
Half dozen jumbo sized cupcakes of the same flavor

To order:
Please call ahead to place your order: 919.818.5481
Small orders (4 dz or less) 1 week
Large orders 2 weeks

*Delivery not available at this time*
Savory catering menu coming soon! 


Download a copy of our complete menu offerings


- The mini cupcake is perfect - you can try a bunch of different ones! 

- When they're small (mini sized), they can be really rich like this! 

- I can't walk by them without grabbing one! 

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